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Improve your training programs with fully-managed e-Learning solutions, that will be available to learners 24/7. Learning and education has undergone huge transformations and it’s never been more important to provide your learners the modern eLearning experience that they expect.

Creative Solutions Scotland specialises in developing custom eLearning solutions based on modern educational methodologies and visual design principles to create an impactful learning experience.

In our developments we use interactive elements such as video, files, stories, scenarios, themes, learning content and interactions to keep learners engaged and involved.

We work closely with our clients to identify the most appropriate learning solutions aligned to their specific business/organisational goals, timelines and budget.

Creative Solutions Scotland uses LMS solutions that are being used extensively in Education, Healthcare, Government, Nonprofit, and Corporate markets. We can help you determine the best solution for your needs and implement it quickly.

Creative Solutions Scotland designs learning experiences, that are relevant to job market.

Our online training courses are designed intuitively around the core elements of active learning. We always try to capture learner’s attention through our dynamic design, job-relevant storylines and great narratives.

Creative Solutions Scotland has a proven ability to design effective custom elearning solutions and convert existing training content into custom interactive eLearning courses.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution to meet all your eLearning needs, Creative Solutions Scotland’s fully-managed LMS solutions are the answer!

We can bring your existing training content to life with creative eLearning templates, interactive challenges and video content.

We can convert your existing training such as:

  • Trainer – led classroom training materials to dynamic eLearning
  • Static content to eLearning graphics, diagrams to facilitate effective learning
  • Video recordings to eLearning experience
  • Paper-based training to an interactive eLearning course
  • PowerPoint to SCORM compliant eLearning module


Our eLearning Content is designed to fit your business culture and context. We research compatibility between an individual learner and their personality traits, work style, beliefs and attitudes and the business’s culture. We believe that the learners should connect their experience with real world examples, therefore all courses we create are the best match to your business, or organisational culture.

Our courses are developed based on Adult Learning Theory. In 1968, Malcolm Shephard Knowles put forward a theory that distinguished adult learning (andragogy) from childhood learning (pedagogy). In Creative Solutions Scotland we support childhood learning and adult learning and develop bespoke online courses for both groups.

We all know too well a situation where the tutor/trainer gives too much information or too many tasks to learners simultaneously, resulting in the learner being unable to process this information. Our learning content is organised to minimise this cognitive overload and increase learner’s attention and motivation.

Dynamic online courses with digital tools brings a true online learning experience that creates a lasting impression.

In our e-modules supported by learning cards we encourage learners to explore a wide range of learning tools. Learners are stimulated in a fun environment with realistic challenges throughout the course. Assessment activities are designed to test the knowledge of the learners. Learners can receive also personalised feedback and support.

In our eLearning platforms students (adults) are able to socially interact with other students (adults), as well as instructors. In essence, learners work together in order to expand their knowledge of a particular subject or skill.

Children can work on their portfolio online and invite their parents/carers/guardians to join them in their learning.

Our courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime across a a wide range of devices, from PCs, Mobile phones to Tablets.

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